EGO Director/Writer, Romantic-comedy/Drama (1h.45 mins) Produced by Filmlance International. With Martin Wallström, Mylaine Hedreul, Sissela Kyle, Peter Andersson & Emil Johnsen.

Life, Lust & Longing (Liv, Lust & Längtan) Director/Writer, HD -Arri Alexa, Drama (28.45 mins) Produced by Bob Film Sweden. With Josephine Bornebusch, & Joel Spira.

Little Children, Big Words (Små Barn, Stora Ord) Director/Writer, RED, Drama (12 mins) Produced by Bob Film Sweden. With Cecilia Milocco, Axel Andersson, Polly Kirsch.

Pussyfooting Director, Co-Writer, 35mm Drama (29 min) with Kate Dickie, Terence Beesley and Gavin Brocker. Set in contemporary London, May 2008.

Do What We Want (Göra Som Vi Vill) Director/Writer, DV. Children’s Drama (4,5 mins) with Cecilia Häll, Patrick Saxe and Ellen Ringwall

A Box Full of Memories (En Låda Full av Minnen) Director. (Written by Maria Karlsson) 16 mm Drama (15 min) with Melinda Kinnaman, Ingela Olsson and Johan Hallström. Shot on location in Stockholm’s archipelago, May 2007.

Between 11 & 12 (Part 4) Director. (Written by Björn Paqualin) DV. Drama (15 min) with Björn Gustavsson and Gustaf Skarsgård. Dec 2006.

Lost and Found Director. (Written by Therese Ahlbeck)16 mm Drama (14 min) With Shot in Stockholm March 2006.

Poems from a Family Life (Dikter ur ett Familjeliv) Director/Writer. With funding from Film I Stockholm. 16mm Drama (10 min) with Carl Stjernlöf and Ulf Stenberg.

Rabbit Habit Director. (Written by Per Gavatin) DV. Comedy (8 min) With Ebba Ribbing, Richard Forsgren and Martin Larsson. Shot in Stockholm Nov 2005. Screened at Gothenberg and Jokkmokk film festival and Gothenberg’s local channel.